Susan Metros, Chair
University of Southern California

Larry Johnson, co-PI
The New Media Consortium

Diana Oblinger, co-PI

Bryan Alexander
National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE)

Teemu Arina
Dicole (Finland)

Michael Berman

Ian Brown
University of Wollongong (Australia)

Malcolm Brown
Dartmouth College

Cole Camplese
The Pennsylvania State University

Brett Christie
Sonoma State University

Douglas Darby
Austin College

Vicki A. Davis
Westwood Schools (K-12)

Barbara Dieu
Lycee Pasteur - Casa Santos Dumont (Brazil)

Julie Evans
Project Tomorrow (K-12)

Peter Isaacson

Adobe Systems

Joan Getman
Cornell University

Graham Glynn
Stonybrook University

Lev Gonick
Case Western Reserve University

Don Henderson
Apple, Inc.

Jean Paul Jacob
IBM Almaden Research Center

Corrine Lebrun
Alliance for Information Science & Technology Innovation (AISTI)

Paul Lefrere
Open University (UK)

Eva de Lera
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain)

Scott Leslie
BCcampus (Canada)

Maj. Gen. Erwin F. Lessel III
United States Air Force

Alan Levine
The New Media Consortium

Julie Little
EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative

Cyprien Lomas
University of British Columbia (Canada)

Phillip Long

University of Queensland (Australia)

Clifford Lynch
Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)

Jamie Madden
University of Queensland (Australia)

Doug McDavid
IBM Almaden Research Center

Nick Noakes
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Hong Kong)

Sara Porter
Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) (UK)

Peter Samis
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Bill Shewbridge
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Mark A. Smith

Alfred University

Rachel S. Smith
The New Media Consortium

Lisa Spiro
Rice University

Lisa Stephens
University at Buffalo

Heather Stewart
New York University

Don Williams

Microsoft Corporation

Holly Willis
University of Southern California

Matt Woolsey
Forbes, Inc.

Alan Wolf
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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